Yoga & Movement Restoration Options


Private, one-on-one sessions are a personalized approach to Yoga & movement instruction. A variety of tools and postures are used to bring balanced strength in a therapeutic environment. In addition to movement, relaxation techniques may be applied to relieve stress, tension and the effects of day-to-day work and life. Common issues addressed include:

  • Shoulder/neck tension
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Pain with movement

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Small Group

Collaborate with friends and co-workers to promote wellness in a ‘community’ feel, and have sessions tailored toward the needs of the group, including alignment coaching, stress relief, and overall strengthening. Committing as a group offers:




Please inquire regarding pricing.

Special Event

Make your next gathering or conference even more meaningful.

Add Yoga breakout sessions, workshops, or classes to your conference or event. Choose from topics that will benefit the group, and give your participants a break time for integration and re-balancing their energy.

Please inquire regarding pricing for your specific event and location.

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