The Journey out of Carpel Tunnel Pain

Whether you have struggled with carpel tunnel syndrome or neck/shoulder tension, you know: It can be a major barrier to day-to-day life. From lack of quality sleep to pain, numbness and plain ol’ misery, the effects of imbalance in the neck, shoulders and arms can be frustrating at best and debilitating at worst. Right now,Continue reading “The Journey out of Carpel Tunnel Pain”

Big Changes

For the last several years of changes, Yoga has been at the heart of it all. When people ask me, “How did you learn all this?” I usually say that I came by these life lessons honestly: Through pain and struggle. Yoga has given me the tools to be resilient in the midst of pain and change, to embrace it, and to grow. I want to keep sharing this magic that is Yoga

You’re late- for YOGA?!

There is a plethora of advice on yoga etiquette available: “Never come in to yoga class late.” “Don’t fidget during savasana.”  “Don’t leave early.” And on, and on. First let me say: I get it. Coming to yoga 5 minutes late can be somewhat disruptive, both to students and the instructor. Fidgeting during savasana mightContinue reading “You’re late- for YOGA?!”

You are worth your time

Let’s face it: We CAN’T MAKE TIME. One of our biggest challenges in prioritizing self-care is ‘making’ the time. Something else is NOT getting your attention during yoga or other self-care. It’s fair to say though, that when we are taking care of ourselves and feeling our best, our work and other aspects of our livesContinue reading “You are worth your time”

On Yoga with an Injury…

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans, right? So, you planned to go to your regular yoga class tomorrow, but slipped and fell today on the ice today. Should you still go? I get questions like these often, whether it’s a recent fall or something more serious. Is doing yoga while injured goodContinue reading “On Yoga with an Injury…”

Winds of Change

As the Chinook winds bring a winter thaw, Sun River Yoga will be experiencing yoga schedule  changes in response to some life changes. New out-of-town obligations for our household have resulted in a conflict with our Tuesday night Slow Flow Yoga class. As such, Slow Flow Yoga class will change to 545pm on MONDAYS, beginning next week, Jan.Continue reading “Winds of Change”