Yoga- Unlimited

Everyone experiences times when they don’t have much to give: Time, money, or maybe attention. Some of the most profound experiences of my life have been at the very moments when I thought I had nothing left.


Whether it’s pushing through physical challenge, or a digging out of a deep emotional well, we humans have capabilities that surpasses even our own belief at times.

For many, yoga is a way to access that place. Of course, we tend to focus on the postures- even me. As a teacher, my brain sees bodies and their complex spirals and nuances, and I’ve chosen a role that helps bring awareness to that. I gravitate toward the physical postures and breath, asana and pranayama, with students, but it’s the internal work that holds the power of my attention in my personal practice.

Yoga helps us see the relationship between and among our various layers, and to navigate their complexity with awareness, if not ease.

To address this challenge, or any other, with a sense that our deepest abilities are limitless, is to begin trust our own innate power. We are infinite. We only need to believe.

Published by Connected Marketing Solutions, Sun River Yoga

I work in marketing, yoga and the great outdoors.

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