Hard Choices

Last week, several of us met at the Community Center to discuss how to keep yoga classes going here in Fort Shaw, while still make the necessary changes in light of my working full-time in GFalls. However, after more time to consider, I feel that to truly be fair to my family life, I must CONCLUDE CLASSES IN FORT SHAW FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

Changing the ‘program’ is necessary for me to prioritize work-life balance. During my short time teaching, I have been fortunate enough to witness people make real, meaningful shift in their bodies and personal lives. I feel deep gratification in seeing realization spread over someone’s face, hearing phrases like “yoga is the best part of my week”, or seeing injuries healed and confidence lifted.

As much as I hate to end classes at the Community Center, I hope that people will continue to seek out opportunities. This has been a VERY difficult choice for me. My classes at The Peak will continue, as will periodic yoga workshops.

Truly, I have learned as much from teaching as any of my class participants may have during the past year, and look forward to contributing to the wellbeing of our community.
Namaste. Audra

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I work in marketing, yoga and the great outdoors.

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